Wednesday, March 12, 2014

yes. One of my favorite quotes, and it goes perfectly with my guiding words for 2014... emerge and held.

Monday, March 10, 2014

wild and free

I know one thing for sure. Well...maybe I know a few things for sure, but I'm going to share this one right now. Part of my purpose in this lifetime is to spend time in circle with women. To be a part of a movement where women lift each other up, hold each other, create together, witness each other. To be a part of women healing the world. One thing that I've come to understand over the last several years is that I have a role to play in this; it's something I've known on a deep level since I was younger, but I talked my way right out of it. After experiencing all of the depth of light and dark over the past 13 years or so, I get it on a deeper level I suppose. It feels like the time is right, like all I've been doing has prepared me to finally step forward and take my rightful place in the circle as a wise woman, healer, mystic, artist, light bringer, and sacred sister. I’ve been told several times by a couple of different wise women that perhaps I just haven’t caught up with where I really I am, I’m marinating in this and I plan to write more soon….I’ve experienced huge growth, and I haven’t understood until now that I need to check in with my belief system to make sure that I am running a current tape and not an old one. I’ll be having a closer look at the here and now, where this amazing woman is patiently waiting for me.

The pages above are from a lesson in Painting the Feminine, to me it was a representation of the wild, amazing, and unique women that circled together. It was a deep a soulful group. I feel seriously called to be with women as they journey back to themselves via self expression and creativity. I've been doing some serious intention setting, and making my desires known to God/Goddess/All That Is. One of the things that I would love to do this year is to participate in Connie's Ignite course (it goes on sale today March 10), I don't know how, I can't see how...but I have set my intention and I’m trusting that if I’m meant to be there, I will be. If you have a desire to honor women on their journeys and believe in the power of creativity as a catalyst for absolutely rocking their lives, then maybe you will want to join her for the 5 month journey too.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

a year full of painting.

I'm climbing back in the blogging saddle with no excuses for my absence, and with no expectations for the future (that feels like freedom to me, and freedom feels good!). This last year was a challenge - hell, the last several have been...but along with that has come some beautiful awareness and big growth. This year just feels different.

Painting is something that I always think about, but up until recently rarely do - even though it calls to me like an ache from the deepest place.

 As last year was coming to a close... I knew that 2014 was going to be a year full of painting and big shifts. I can still feel that energy just as strongly as I was feeling it then. Painting began to show up all around me. I saw a friend's post on facebook about entering to win a spot in 21 Secrets Live with Connie Hozvicka. The spot was being given away by one of Connie's co hosts Hali Karla and I went without thinking or hesitating and responded to the giveaway on her blog from the car in front of the bank. I left my request there, sent it off with a wish and shortly afterward I got notified that I was given the spot! I also hopped onto a free painting spreecast with Connie about her upcoming course Painting the Feminine and during it, she decided to give a spot away..and again I was given the spot! Each time I nodded deeper and deeper in the direction of Spirit. O h y e s...I'm getting the message here. Time to get your ass in gear and paint, listen to the calling of your soul. Along with all of that goodness my dear friend gifted me a spot in Alena Hennessy's A Year of Painting. Are you hearing the message I was getting too? It's pretty loud, right? Oh and there was a second message too....

Abundance is all around. Trust that.

So my year started off with a bang and a paint brush. I have been determined to paint, to participate, to do it! and not let money or any other obstacles get in my way. Luckily I had a stash of art supplies to support me without having to spend much money at all. It's been really good and challenging, and I like a good challenge. It's been amazing and I'm so grateful. Beyond words. I've been painting my way home.