Monday, April 29, 2013

Soothing my Soul.

This weekend I took my rough chunk of Rose Quartz, and headed down to see Mama. There is nothing that grounds me like the ocean. I've been carefully watching how I show up for myself lately....I'm finding that sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't. I was attempting to do 30 days of devotion, and I'm not really sure that it went the way I thought it would go. But it certainly went the way it was supposed to. My default seems to be to take care of others before myself. Awareness is my friend in this situation, and I'm ok with my 30 days being nothing other than a teaching time. I've had some monumental shifts, small but mighty ones that I think will change the trajectory of my life if I allow them to. One of the things that I have grasped on an even deeper level is in regards to responsibility...being responsible for the energy I bring into a room or interaction, being responsible for myself in general. I was sitting in the car the other day and had this moment of clarity around the effects of caretaking for others before myself. When I do this I'm taking on so much energy that isn't mine. When I'm worrying about others so much, the weight of their stuff is sitting so heavily on me that I cannot move into the places in my own life that really serve me. I have a lot of fear around what will happen if I'm not holding things together...or up for those I love. I know this comes from childhood. I understand that not letting others have their experiences isn't serving anyone...especially me. But there sitting in my car, I knew it on a deeper level than I have ever before. The space where I take responsibility for myself and only myself, is where my Queen energy resides. It's where my power is lies.

I can feel this rising of sorts...maybe it's the energy of Beltane, maybe it's just time. I don't know...the one thing I do know is that I have to show up for myself in ways that only I can. And so I go to see Mama Ocean in all her glory, I tote around my Rose Quartz, I ask for space and whatever else I may need, I fiercely guard my energetic space - treat it as sacred...and I allow myself to be soothed. All the way to my soul.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

30 days of devotion.

shadow. light. ocean. glow.
I've been doing a lot of thinking about self care, and whether or not I'm meeting my own needs...If I'm honest, most of the time I am not. I've been hearing whispers for a long time asking me to take the time. Make the time to do those things that are nourishing, fulfilling, and that make my soul sing. When I was in my year long clair class it was a bit easier...I had a scheduled time at least once a week that was just for me. And when I was in class, I made more time for meditation too. It was homework, and I was thrilled to do it (most of the time). I'm realizing how much time I spend thinking of others, and their feelings. This isn't news to me, but sometimes I think you need a kick in the ass to realize that you've slipped back into old patterns. At least I do sometimes. Patterns are a funny thing...they are so ingrained that sometimes you don't realize what's happening until things get uncomfortable.

 This got me thinking about what discomfort looks like to me. How does it show up for me? I haven't been leaving the house much, I walk in the morning with my hub and the dog and then I'm in for the rest of the day. I notice I'm resisting most outings lately. It also shows up as me being resentful, feeling burdened, burned out...and this year I found myself feeling downright angry. That was a new one for me. I don't often hold onto anger, it usually moves through quickly. This winter I did. I was s e e t h i n g, and sharp tongued and really only my husband saw it, took the brunt of it. I danced with darkness a lot this winter. I try to be careful with judgements of myself because every season has it's light and darkness, there's no avoiding that. I'm making choices not to avoid, but to understand and welcome all of it.

In the past I have avoided things that felt dark at all costs, the light felt more acceptable. More palatable. I have had discussions about being afraid to work with the Dark Goddesses, and afraid of going deeply into anger. This Winter it happened without a plan, and without my knowledge until I was about halfway through (which makes me smile). I began to dream about Kali, and she began to show me things in dreamstate that didn't serve me, things that it was time to release. The anger rose, and rose almost to fever pitch...and I realized that Kali had been here working with me for longer than I realized. I was too busy claiming I was afraid of her to notice that she was by my side all along. The more I opened to the idea of working with her, the more fire I felt burning within. I even took on a alter ego whom I called "fuck a duck", that's how I felt. Fuck it all, about most everything. My husband and I joked about the name, but it was a very real part of me at play. All that I had been holding safely inside was bubbling up, I couldn't control it or make it look pretty. I realize most of that anger is a direct result of me not taking care of myself for years. And there are some things that I need to die to in order to transform.

What does taking care of myself look like? For me it's ~ meditation, going to the ocean, listening to music, creating, eating healthy, taking baths, connecting with spirit, deep conversations with friends, walking in nature, moving my body (yoga, dance), taking time to ground myself, loving my crystal friends, remembering to breathe, writing, slowing down, reading, quiet time, painted toes, taking good care of my skin, alone time, making art, saying no, saying YES. All of these things are woven into the very fabric of my being, I need them like air. Nourishing mind, body and spirit. I've been in fight or flight for so long I don't think I realized how sorely it's been missing. I cannot be or do what I want to in this life without nurturing myself. I'm truly the only one who can do that. I'm reminded of a future life meditation I did once, we did a series of of about 3 or 4 of them in class. One of them was what the future looked like if I did not stay on my path, and it wasn't pretty. I was probably mid 60's and unkempt, overweight, and just existing. Married but feeling very alone, and all of my spiritual items were covered up by black cloths and were dusty. All of it sitting there like a sad reminder of what could have been. This scene is so powerful in the here and now, and I know I deserve a life that is vibrant and juicy, not just one where I am simply existing. And so it is.

As I've been thinking about exquisite self care, I'm noticing so many others who are also considering doing 30 days of self care. I don't feel like it's a coincidence that there are so many of us who are feeling the pull toward filling ourselves up. It's beginning to feel like April is going to be powerful month, and on the 1st I will begin 30 days of devotion. Devotion to myself, to spirit, to all that is, to love. A whole month of experimenting with possibility...How will I feel if I am fully nourished? How will life look? How will I look? What will be revealed? Will my light grow even brighter? What will I learn about how I show up in the world? How empowered will I feel? Will the happiness in life feel even sweeter? There is a glow growing inside of me, and I can't wait to see what this act of devotion will do for it. Self care is a sacred love of the soul. Deep and true. How will care for yourself (your soul) this month?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

birthing and blooming.

I'm feeling the blossoming under my feet. There is a palpable energy in the air that whispers in my ears and tickles my cheeks. There is no denying that it's there, my hub even feels it. It's electric, and exciting, and inviting all at once. And yet....I notice there are moments of resistance. I can feel my heels digging in, trying to grow roots here in the soil where they are now. I notice the places where I feel pulled forward, and remember that my roots are wherever I am, not just where my heels begin their dig. I remember that because I feel still or motionless in one does not mean that I am stuck, or not making forward strides. I know that these moments come and go. Sometimes I do feel stuck. Sometimes I do feel like I'm not DOing enough to get me to where I want to be. Sometimes I catch myself wishing to be somewhere other than where I am. And sometimes I allow it all to wash over me. I feel it, I sit in it, and I welcome the lessons in it. For the last two days, amidst the forward motion in my life, I clearly see that I am fighting what I'm feeling. And if I sit quietly, right where I am...I can acknowledge that this is a cycle, a's fear presenting itself like a blooming flower. Because if I allow this surge of energy, and the calling of rebirth...if I finally step out into the big wide beautiful world....I face the truth of flight or fall. And I wonder how many times I have faced this before? In this lifetime and in others. How many times have I gone through this cycle and moved through it? And lived through the outcome, whether it was soaring or falling?

Any time I begin to do work that involves me putting myself out into the world, I go through this cycle. And in the past, my inner critic or my emotions may have convinced me that it was all too big a risk. But now, I feel the blooming regardless of the fear. I feel it in the face of it. Behind the scenes, I'm birthing a product that I hope to share by the end of the month...I'm bumping up against all my edges, and having to BE with them. The what ifs, the how to's, the's all coming up. In a weirdly awesome way, it's showing me that birth is not always easy, or pretty. There are so many things that I have had am having to die to in order to transform. So much growth, and agony over the last few years. And so much beauty. As we turn the wheel toward Spring, and move out of the months of winter, I am thankful for the gifts of the last few days. I am suddenly very aware of a few things 1) my feelings, my fears 2) a sense of renewal and emergence 3) the importance of exquisite self care, and 4) my desire to show up for myself.

In this very moment I know that no matter what I feel or do (or don't do)...there is nothing that will stop the perfection of all that is about to happen to me. So I commit to show up, to take care of myself, to commune with my inner Queen, and deeply honor the process of birthing and of blooming.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Authenticity at Home.

Who are you? - * Feminine * Global * Collected * I pulled this gorgeous board together a while ago, I was thinking of a woman who loves travel, has a bit of gypsy spirit in her soul and the types of things she may have collected on her travels. Working with this woman would lead me to dive deeper into who she is - the things that are important to her, the music she listens to, the art she's attracted to. I'd want to see her favorite outfit, and her favorite pair of shoes. All of these things help me to know my clients better, to know what makes them who they really are. Authenticity at home, and in life.

Doing design work on a deeper level has been on my mind and in my heart for several years. I convinced myself that I was done with interior design, that I had lost my passion for it. The truth is, I haven''s something that's in my make up, it's part of who I am. I have no interest in cookie cutter design, or rooms that feel like they stepped off a furniture showroom floor. I love a good mix, unexpected elements, old and new, sass a frass (my way of saying sassy), a little quirkiness. I believe that a room or hopefully a whole home should reflect the people that live within it. Even deeper than that... it should speak to your soul, move you in ways that can't be explained (like music, poetry and art), bring you joy, add a layer to your life that you didn't even know you were missing, and bring you a sense of peace and contentment. I have a desire to make good design accessible, to empower people to live gorgeously, and share it in ways that are doable, and that anyone on any budget can achieve. If you're interested in working with me to create a space (or spaces) that rock your world, you can head up to my sacred space tab and have a look at my services. Let's make magic together!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Shadow and Light.

The last few weeks have brought me so much clarity...aha moments have been coming throughout my days. This week in particular has been focused on shadow and light, and I've come to an understanding about the role that each plays in my life. Since I began taking courses of a spiritual nature..and in particular my clairvoyant intuitive training, I've been doing deep work that has been healing me in so many ways. I think sometimes it's easy to curse the shadows, or darkness that dwells in each of us. It can be so much more painful to look at shadow than it is to look at the light. Though when we do that...curse the shadows, I believe we are escaping so much beauty. I know it seems hard to find the beauty in the darkness, it can be scary, and frustrating at times...but it's where our depth is. Our power lies within those dark corners. When we face ourselves full on, look ourselves dead in the soul, we see it A L L. We see that there cannot be one without the other, and if there is, are we living half a life? Are we living authentically, and at our full potential? Or are we living in fear?

I was thinking about the depth of work I did in my year long class, and my teacher's willingness to go there. To take us t h e r e. She wasn't afraid to do some deep sea diving, and I have realized over the last few weeks...that I'm not either. I'm not afraid of what is waiting there in the darkness because I have looked at it, sat in it, uncovered it, and seen firsthand how it helps. I've lived a life full of light, always wanting to be the good girl, worrying about what others will think of me...will they like me, will they get angry at me? I found this bleeding over into my readings. I was feeling a bit of fear when Spirit would share something that was less than light. I would hesitate, the feeling of will he/she be upset with what I am going to say right now? Always minding my P's & Q's (this in every aspect of my life). And this week, in the midst of turmoil and stress...I was given a gift. I sent out a batch of readings that were really focused on what each person needed to know as we begin this new year. I had them done for about a week prior to sending them, and I was beating myself up for taking so long to get them out. At some became clear to me that things were as they were supposed to be (I guess that point was that the day I sent them). I had no fear, no concern over what the person would think if there was anything less than sunny in their reading. I was fully committed to sharing the messages that I am blessed enough to be able to receive. Accepting the responsibility that comes with this work, if I am really going to do it...knowing full well that sometimes we need to hear the deep stuff. Knowing that it's not just about being a cheerleader, that sometimes we need a light shone on our shit. And that is where, and how we begin to heal.

That's why I went to my first reading...I wanted to feel better, to heal a little. At the time I wasn't sure what that looked like. Or even what I was expecting. In fact, I was scared to death. I was worried that I would go to hell for being there (this is another blog post in and of itself). Maybe some people do only want the pretty stuff in a reading...? Honestly, my readings are usually really heart centered and sometimes light hearted. But for some reason this knowing that I am unafraid of the deep sea dive feels like it has opened me up in ways I couldn't have understood before this very week. I know that it brought a beauty to each of these readings that would not have been there if I would have typed them up a moment sooner than I did. And this brings me back to the light and a moment where I felt completely at center, and whole, I also felt all the feelings that come along with fear, and scarcity, and stress. And I was right where I was supposed to to be with all of it. And trust that what is unfolding is for my best and highest good.